UK Based

Design & Hosting

Glasgow based website design and website hosting for small businesses in the UK.

Simple website Design

I provide simple website design for small businesses and sole traders in the UK. Whether its a small busines or a sole trader, I can help you get your brand or your products out there with a simple but effective website.

Web Development

I can design a single-page or multi-page website for small business or sole traders. 


Besides designing your website, I can also host your website, domain and emails

Website Photography

whether its products or people, I can also capture the photography necessary for your website.



Getting your brand, your skill or your services out there is difficult, and to do that you need a website. But a website needs two things: it needs to look good and it also needs to work. I can provide a simple website that will look good as well as work efficiently and effectively. Also, by hosting your website with me, you will find that your website is stored on a UK-based web-server, which is both fast and secure.

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If you are interested in a website for your business, and you are UK based, and are sick of all the faff surrounding websites, then either send me a message from my contact page, or click on this link to take you through to my web-design website.

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