Industrial photography is one aspect of being a photographer that I enjoy. Before I became a photographer I worked in engineering for six years, and even after I became a photographer, much of my time was spent photographing machines and processes in one way or another.

I am still fascinated by the construction and manufacturing process – especially by things which are made with precision or make lots of noise. And living in central Scotland, I’m lucky enough to surrounded by a broad range of clients in the construction and manufacturing industries.

The challenge of providing good images to any client is being able to demonstrate the scale of the operations. The images are often for an audience who are unlikely to experience the location first-hand, so it’s my role to create images that show the significance of the locations, or portray the people who work there.

There are many aspects within industrial photography – and I would be happy to photograph any kind of industrial photography in Glasgow or Scotland.

Whether its indoors, outdoors, at depth or at high altitude, I have many years of experience working in all kinds of environments.

Having spent all my working life within one kind of ‘industry’ or another, I am fully aware of the implications towards health and safety, and if required can provide a risk assessment or method statement in advance of any task.

industrial photographer Glasgow & Scotland