Corporate Photography requires a broad brush of ability. Whether its outdoors, on location, or indoors, a photographer needs to have a wide range of skills to make these locations work. I have these skills and put alot of effort into taking these pictures as good quality images are important for both branding and identity.

A good outfacing image for your internal or external communications says alot about your brand, and for social media such as Linkedin, a professional picture shows you are serious about what you do.

Whether its a meeting, an activity day, stylised portraits or formal headshots I would be happy to meet your brief.  I can visit your workplace to photograph your staff, and if you require headshots, then I can replicate any style of photography.


Whether its the management team,  support, the shop-floor or the people on the ground, they are all busy people and sometimes too busy to have their day interrupted. I appreciate and understand this, so I’ll try to minimise the disruption by working with you to find the best time for the photography. Whether its a few minutes between meetings or between tasks, my photography will be quick, easy and straightforward.

I’m used to working in all kinds of corporate and business environments, either to photographing the people or their assets for their communication needs, and I will always ensure that wherever possible there is minimal disruption and that the appropriate health and safety standards are maintained.