Thank you for wanting to book me to be your photographer. Before we go any further I just need you to provide some information, which serves two purposes: it means we both have a ‘paper’ trail and that I get a task brief.

I also have a set Terms & Conditions which exist to provide clarity for the client and the photographer. It takes about two minutes to read them. Click on this links to read my T&C’s.

If known...

The actual time of the start of the task. I will make a decision how early I need to arrive to prepare.

Briefly outline of what the task entails.

Are there any restrictions - such as safety requirements, disclosure issues, time constraints or editing issues..? If not, then please leave this box blank.

Please tick this box if you have read and fully agree with my Terms & Conditions.



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Business Hours

Office: Mon to Fri 9.30 - 5.50
Availability: 7 days a week.