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A Show Band at the Oran Mor

Being a commercial photographer, I get to cover a wide range of subjects, which is one of the reasons I do what I do: the sheer variation. Recently I was asked to photograph a new band. So new that they hadn't yet got a name sorted out. They were having a rehearsal at...

Headshots at Plan B Consulting

Plan B Consulting are all about preventing disasters. Based just outside Glasgow and near Paisley, they have a worldwide reach and consult to large and small organisations about disasters - and preventing them. They are updating their website soon and wanted some...

Apartment Interiors in Glasgow

Photographing interiors can be quite difficult. Besides managing to fit everything in, usually you have lots of windows - which can also add a level of difficulty. This was an apartment in the center of Glasgow which had recently been refurbished.

Corporate Photography at Plan B Consulting

Besides headshots, Plan B consulting also wanted some additional pictures for the website. Just general shots of people working and talking, which was easy to do as its a busy office and they were more than happy for me to snap away while they worked....

Mears helping Glasgow’s Homeless

If you live in Glasgow, at some stage on your travels you will have seen a Mears van, as Mears are one of the UK’s leading service providers to both the public and private sector with over 12,000 employees. They offer housing management, regeneration and build new...

V 360 Security Solutions

V-360 are all abut security. They are the silent ears and eyes at building sites and many other industrial environments. Besides point-of-entry security for building sites, they also provide these silent sentinels to guard building sites, and I recently went to their...

Egger helps make a warmer future

I was tasked to take some pictures at the new Ochiltree community center for Egger UK, who make laminates for the building industry - wall's, ceiling, flooring and all manner of products for buildings. The job was a simple enough, to photograph some of Egger's...

Oban High School Exteriors

Oban has a new High School. A brand new one, and I recently travelled to Oban to photograph the new school for Tata Steel as the school has been rendered with aluminium extrusion - supplied by Tata Steel. The weather was perfect for some great shots, with sunshine and...

Dumfries House

Recently I spent two days at Dumfries House, a stately home located in the south of Scotland in Dumfries and Galloway. Google, in conjunction wit Clarence House, are providing a 360 'walk-through' of the house for educational use, and it was my job over these two days...

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