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360 Spins for Product Photography

Product shots (or pack-shots) are important to industry, both to the small independent retailer and the corporate giant, because its the pictures sell the product. Recently I started offering 360 degree spin photography for products, and if you've visited a fashion...

Biogas – the way ahead

Recently I was tasked to take pictures at the Energen Biogas Plant in Glasgow. They take food waste from local shops, supermarkets and council collections then process the waste. At the end of the process they produce gas from the waste, and the only thing that's left...

A new Submarine built on the Clyde

Caley Marine and the Seanamic Group are specialists in marine engineering. They also design and build ships - and submarines. This is a mini-submarine, a DSAR 650, which was build for export to the Indian Navy, is a submarine rescue system and was built right here in...

Leather Products for Tweedie

A new batch of leather products by the Leatherguild for their brochure and for the Tweedie shop. There was over 70 products to photograph today, which includes handbags, purses, glasses cases and of course dog collars. Leatherguild have hundreds of products, and here...

Alternative shots for Botanist Gin

If you are a Gin drinker, then you probably know Botanist Gin quite well as they make one of the world's finest gin's. Here are a few shots I did recently, with a little bit of colour instead of the usual 'white' background.    

Casa Colori Masterclass at Castle Fine Art Glasgow

Founded in 2014 by Silvia Ciferri, Casa Colori is an innovative and highly creative design studio specialising in residential and commercial interiors. From time to time Silvia holds a masterclass to talk about interior design, and this was her recent mastercalss,...

New packaging for Bruichladdich

Bruichladdich are one of Scotland's little secrets, but if you like your malt whiskey to have the taste of the islands, then you probably already know all about them. This is some of their new promotional sets that I photographed for their sales brochure....

Industrial Photography at Sanquhar

Recently I spent two days at Sanquhar Tile Services, which is located towards the south of Scotland near Dumfries. STS make industrial carpet tiles and export them throughout the UK, Europe and the world. Its a vast enterprise. In fact, collossal, and I just couldnt...

Architectural Interiors for Orega in Glasgow

Orega have some superb office space in Glasgow, and I recently photographed their offices on George Square in Glasgow. Many people think photographing interiors (and exteriors) is quite easy. It does have its difficulties, as besides having to keep all your verticals...

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