Working in Glasgow, Edinburgh or anywhere in Scotland I can photograph any size of building for your brochure, project or report. There are many reasons why architects and developers use established photographers to photograph their buildings, and I fully appreciate the reasons why: The continuity of using an established photographer for known results as well as having good quality photography for reporting, publicity or archive value, either before, during or after the build process for the architects and developers.

I can photograph your interiors or exteriors in Glasgow or anywhere in Scotland to provide clear and well-lit images for your reports, brochures or website. Depending on the location I will use available light or supplementary to make the room appear natural and appealing.

My photography is done using a full-frame Nikon DSLR, but if required, I can hire-in a medium or large-format system. And for the photography itself, patience is a virtue – which is something I have lots of…